Flag Flap (mp3)
Sketch about the Newfoundland Flag Flap
CBC Radio, The Current
Written by Al Rae, Jane Luk
performed by Al Rae, Jane Luk

Blame Ottawa (mp3)
Comedy Radio Sketch, Definitely Not The Opera
"Blame Ottawa" CBC Radio
Written by Al Rae and Jane Luk
Performed by Al Rae, Jane Luk, Dean Jenkinson

IraqiPolice (mp3)
Sketch about Iraqi Police Recruitment.
CBC Radio
Written by Dean Jenkinson, Jane Luk
Performed by Tom Anniko, Dean Jenkinson

Costumes Rejected by Harry (mp3)
Top 5 costumes rejected by Prince Harry before deciding on the Nazi costume
CBC Radio
Written by Doug Holmes, Dean Jenkinson, Jane Luk

World Preakness (mp3)
A look at Celebrity donations for Tsunami Aid Relief
CBC Radio
Written by Jane Luk
Performed by Dean Jenkinson

Mad Cows (mp3)
Sketch about more Mad Cows
CBC Radio
Written by Dean Jenkinson, Jane Luk
performed by Dean Jenkinson

Inauguration Song (mp3)
Bush Inauguration, Song Parody
CBC Radio
Written by Jane Luk

Bell Mobility Commercial (quicktime)
Jane as "Weather Girl"
Christmas Commercial Spot for Bell Mobility

ComedyMontage (quicktime)
Comedy Montage

Anne Marie on Go Girl (quicktime)
Jane as "Anne Marie" the psychic on a Go Girl Segment
S & S Productions

How To Be More Chinese (quicktime)
How to be More Chinese
Critically acclaimed 7 minute short that sends up stereotypes and infomercials
Written & produced by Jane Luk

World Improv Championships (quicktime)
Improv competition for Just for Laughs Festival
Playing for team Montreal against Toronto
Comedy Network
Performers: Jane Luk, Robert Higden, Simon Peacock, John Moore
Coach: Terence Bowman